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Give Employees More than Just a Paycheck

Complete Portability. In the past, when an employee left their place of employment, they lost all of their benefits and COBRA was the only option. With a Genesis@Work plan, employees own their own benefits and have full control over their plan. They can keep their customized plan for as long as the premiums are paid.

Guaranteed. Get family members covered. These days, most employees have to be pretty creative to get health coverage for a spouse and dependents. In fact, it’s quite common for employees to decline family coverage through the group because of the astronomical cost. In most cases, we can cover spouses and dependents with the same zero deductible plan for half the price.

Freedom to choose. Give your employees the individual freedom to choose exactly which plan works best for them and their families. Office co-pays, drug coverage, provider networks and wellness benefits including chiropractic, dental, and life insurance are all options for each of your employees. The only question is, “Which plan works best for me?”

Tax benefits. Employers aren’t the only ones who have a tax benefit from Genesis@Work plans. The money you contribute to your employees for their qualified medical expenses goes to them absolutely tax free. That’s right. Your contributions to their plans are not considered taxable income by the IRS.

Lauren’s Story

Lauren is an account rep for a telecom company. Last year, the weak economy forced her employer to eliminate its high-cost group health plan. The company chose to adopt a Genesis@Work plan. In February 2012, Lauren’s daughter, Julia, had an appendectomy. Results were better than she and her husband, Jason, could ever have expected. Everything was covered except for two $35 doctor’s office co-pays. If they had been on the company’s former group plan, Lauren and Jason would have had to pay bills of over $4,000.

Annual deductible $5,000
Coinsurance obligation $5,000
Due by Lauren & Jason $10,000
Risk Extension™ paid $10,000
Major Medical paid $27,905
Total Lauren & Jason paid $0

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