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Group Health Costs Out of Control?

At Genesis Health, we’ve been on your side of the desk. We know what it’s like to try to do what’s best for your employees, while simultaneously trying to manage cash flow. It’s tough! Sometimes it seems impossible. Many businesses spend more money on their group health plans than any other part of their overhead. Until now, the only alternative to lowering employee health insurance expenses have been to strip out benefits, increase deductibles or ask employees to share more of the costs.

Adapt or die

Business owners must make adjustments to the way they approach healthcare for their employees. The problem is, most brokers continue to apply yesterday’s, one-size-fits-all band-aids to today’s ever-changing environment. As all successful business owners know, if you can’t adapt, failure is inevitable.

Drop your group plan

That’s right. The first step is to simply walk away. If you insist on participating in the old-fashioned group health insurance world, expect more of the same… higher premiums and fewer benefits with no flexibility. Too many businesses are adding layer upon layer of scotch tape to an already under-performing health insurance plan. All the horsepower in the world won’t help a plane with a broken propeller.

Results you can expect

Get out of the health insurance business and back to your business. In 2006, Genesis Health pioneered the first logical alternative to the rising costs of group health insurance – Genesis@Work. Today, the Genesis@Work Defined Contribution plan serves over 5,000 employees and more than 400 companies nationwide. Here are the results you can expect from Genesis Health:

  •  Reduce Rates
  •  Eliminate Deductibles
  •  Allow Employees More Options
  •  Control Costs
  •  Alleviate Administrative Headaches

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