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Control Your Health Insurance Costs Now

Genesis Health, based in Denver, specializes in small business, self employed, individual, and dental health insurance. Our highly experienced health insurance professionals strive to find the right health insurance plan for our clients that lower costs, expands healthcare coverage and reduces taxes.

Portable Health Plans For the Future

icon1Defined contribution plans are portable and owned by the employee. Employers reimburse employees for their medical expenses including health insurance premiums. Employees keep their health insurance for as long as the premiums are paid.

Prompt Professional Service

icon2Genesis Health assumes the health insurance function at your company. We provide “access” for members of the network, negotiates lowest rates with healthcare providers and simplify the patient care process. No more group COBRA hassles.

Lower Health Insurance Costs

icon3Traditional health group plans are becoming unsustainable because of premium increases and decline in benefits.The Genesis Health approach typically saves companies about 30 percent on what they are currently spending on group plans. This is relief in real dollars to both employees and employers.

Tax Advantaged Products

icon4Defined contribution plans are tax-favored. The money businesses contribute to their employees for qualified medical expenses goes to them tax free and company payroll taxes are reduced simultaneously.

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