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Drop Your Group Plan

What’s wrong with employer group health insurance plans?

  1. Too expensive: rising faster than general inflation
  2. Preclude employee participation on health exchanges
  3. High deductibles leave employees at greater risk
  4. Force employers to make minimum contributions

Why should you choose a Genesis@Work Plan?

  1. Zero Deductibles – Our exclusive and unique RiskExtension™ feature eliminates deductibles and co-insurance with an array of customizable options and levels of coverage.
  2. Comprehensive Coverage – Take advantage of robust health insurance plan designs offering the best wellness, routine care, and preventive maintenance for your lifestyle.
  3. Lower Premiums – Combining coverages and spreading risk at the broker level creates the flexibility needed to lower your health insurance costs. We can reduce your health insurance rates by at least 20%. Let us show you how.
  4. Easier Administration – Annually shopping for plans, adjusting deductibles, self-insuring and partially self-funding are intensive from an administrative standpoint and often bog down the human resources person, which costs business owners time and money.

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